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Here, the first candle or the P1 candle is part of the continuing uptrend and the bulls are dominating. Here the pattern shows a turnaround from a bullish market to a major bearish market ahead. Do not trade in “Options” based on recommendations from unauthorised / unregistered investment advisors and influencers. Top10stockbroker.com & Indianfranchisereview.com are websites under Medmonx Enterprises Private Limited. We are certified stock broker review & comparison website working with multiple partners. The pattern is mainly used to indicate when the uptrend might come to an end and is more likely to shift towards a downtrend.


These two https://1investing.in/s are similar to the engulfing pattern covered in previous episode, the main difference is that the new candle never closes above/below the previous candle’s body. In this example, the Dark Cloud Cover occurs when the third bullish candle is followed by a bearish candle that opens higher and closes below the midpoint of the last bullish candle. The pattern successfully predicted a downturn in the following session where the price moved nearly seven percent lower.

According to analysts, the penetration of the close of the second day must be at least 50% into the body of the lighter candlestick. This percentage is a measure of the bearishness of the market space. When the opening for the second day is above the resistance area and a close is below it, then the pattern is considered more significant.

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This implies that there has been a significant improvement in their market outlook in the given time frame. In the midst of the ongoing selling spree, many stocks have already tumbled to a decent low, which hampers the risk-to-reward ratio of continuing to trade in the direction of the fall. Therefore, two scenarios that investors need to look for are either a fresh breakdown from a support level or a stock that has just started to fall from the highs. Just like other reversal patterns, harami too has bullish and bearish versions. In the bullish version, the first candle is long-bodied and red in colour, indicating that the selling pressure is continuing. If entering short, the initial stop loss could be placed above the high of the bearish candle.

  • Most traders imagine that the deeper the black candle at midnight cloud cover sample penetrates the white candle’s physique, the extra probably a security has reached a top.
  • The pattern is considered significant when the bodies of the previous up candle and the dark down candle are both long.
  • On such days, the price movements deviate from the expected path.
  • A trader must also see to the fact that all preconditions are rightly in place.
  • Previous to the dark cloud cowl, the pattern is up for over a month.

Readedark cloud cover pattern seeking to engage in trading and/or investing should seek out extensive education on the topic and help of professionals. Prevent Unauthorized Transactions in your demat / trading account Update your Mobile Number/ email Id with your stock broker / Depository Participant. Dark Cloud CoverThe bullish and bearish candlesticks in this candlestick pattern have large bodies with very little or no shadows as shown in the image above. The formation of this pattern is confirmed by the formation of a bearish candle at the end of this pattern. As Dark cloud cover is only useful for the traders if it appears during an uptrend or when there is a rise in stock price. As the price increase, there is an occurrence of a potential move to the downtrend where traders can short their long position in this case.

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On the first session of the dark-cloud cover, the market ascends with a strong green candle. In this scenario, the buyers make an otherwise decision about their position. They start to exit the market and the sellers who were waiting for selling now have a benchmark to place the stop-loss at the high of the dark-cloud cover pattern. The Dark-cloud Cover pattern is a bearish trend reversal or top reversal pattern that appears in an uptrend and signals a potential weakness in the uptrend. It is a two-candlestick pattern and is the antithesis of the piercing pattern. As it is a bearish trend reversal pattern, the dark-cloud cover pattern is only valid if it appears in an uptrend.

The merchants will then use further evaluation to verify that a trend reversal is likely to observe and develop a corresponding trading technique for that safety. Price moves in a brisk upward pattern, forming a tall white candle. The day following the bearish piercing pattern confirmed the bearish sentiment much more by gapping down with three more bearish candles making new lows. The Dark Cloud Cover candlestick sample is a reversal sample. In this pattern, the second candle opens above the first candle’s close. This pattern forms because of indecision in shopping for and selling activity in the stock market.

It is common to have long red candles in a bear market and the first candle in this pattern will be this. Like a normal bear market day, the price opens lower compared to the previous close. With the bulls taking the driver’s seat, the price continues to rise and closes the day above the halfway mark of previous day’s long red candle. The middle value of the first candle in the piercing pattern chart is Rs 1,537 and the actual closing on the second day is at Rs 1,540. The chances of reversal depend on the volume of stock traded when the candlestick is formed. If the volume traded is higher, there are huge chances of reversal and vice versa.

Identification of the Dark Cloud Cover Pattern

If the third candle in the sequence closes below the first candle’s low, the bearish indication of the dark cloud cover is enhanced. Price may decrease continuously for some time after that, without any substantial upward move. The diagram above shows an example of a dark cloud cover pattern forming on the daily chart of Sun Pharma.

  • As the candlestick pattern serves as the bear signal, it indicates that the existing uptrend might reverse into an upcoming downtrend.
  • For example, heavy volume at a new opening high could mean that many new buyers have decided to jump aboard ship.
  • It is quite easy to spot, but if you are a new investor, you’ll need some practice before you successfully identify different candlestick formations.

He writes about personal finance, income tax, goods and services tax , company law and other topics on finance. Fig.3 shows variations in the formation of the Dark Cloud Cover in candle A and candle B. In the best-case scenario, the first and the second candle should have no wick or very small wicks . Dark Cloud Cover got its name because its looks like a dark cloud over a brightly going uptrend.

Traders who want to exit their long position may consider exiting at the end of the bearish candle or the following day. Similarly, traders planning to enter around this time can place their stop-loss above the higher point of the bearish candle. The inventory traded up to resistance at 70 for the third time in two months and shaped a darkish cloud cover pattern . In addition, the long black candlestick had a long upper shadow to indicate an intraday reversal. The negative divergence within the PPO and intensely weak money flows also supplied further bearish affirmation.

Following the confirmation day, the stop loss could be dropped to just above the confirmation day high in this case. Traders would then establish a downside profit target, or continue to trail their stop loss down if the price continues to fall. Traders who were long could consider exiting near the close of the bearish candle or on the following day when the price continued dropping. Traders could also enter short positions at these junctures as well.


A superb example of a darkish cloud cowl pattern is proven above of the Healthcare SPDR ETF . Previous to the dark cloud cowl, the pattern is up for over a month. The dark cloud cowl pattern is made up of two candlesticks; the first is white and the second black. Both candlesticks ought to have pretty large bodies and the shadows are normally small or nonexistent, though not necessarily.

Dark Cloud Cover Candlestick PatternYou will see an uptrend before a dark cloud cover pattern is formed. Daily charts are most relevant for dark cloud cover patterns. However, they may be less significant in lower time frames.

After gap up opening, Indices fell sharply to touch yesterday’s low in the first… The entry could be placed at the open of the subsequent candle, after the Dark Cloud Cover sample has shaped. First candle is a protracted white one, accompanied with heavy quantity. However, the closing of second candle just isn’t under the opening degree of white candle. After an advance, black/white or black/black bearish harami are not as widespread as white/black or white/white variations.

The sell signal occurs here when the price starts falling after the harami formation. The Dark Cloud Cover pattern involves a large black candle forming a “dark cloud” over the preceding up candle. As with a bearish engulfing pattern, buyers push the price higher at the open, but sellers take over later in the session and push the price sharply lower. This shift from buying to selling indicates that a price reversal to the downside could be forthcoming. The dark cloud cover pattern is formed when there is a high demand for the stock in the opening phase. Once the price goes higher, sellers take control later and push the price lower significantly.


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