How to Learn Angular? A Comprehensive Guide Updated 2023


It provides detailed information about the different features of Angular and how to use them, as well as examples and best practices. The best thing about Angular is that it helps structure our code in a very logical and maintainable way; it does that by implementing Model-View-Controller architectural patterns. A video playlist from LetsBoot containing 15 videos on some advanced topics on developing apps with Angular such as end-to-end testing, deployment, and continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD). Furthermore, it also provides some example project codes and advanced techniques if you like to jump right into the codes. This guide is overall a great first reference whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned developer.

  • For that, your knowledge alone about the technology is not going to be enough.
  • Output decorator marks a property in a child component is a doorway through which data can travel from the child to the parent.
  • Angular apps are modular, and an Angular has its own modularity system, called Angular modules, or enshi.
  • And because of this developers and students get confused about how to start learning.

If you don’t know, a SPA is a web application that does not require loading multiple HTML pages as all the data and content are injected dynamically in a single HTML page. The content or elements are displayed or removed according to the user’s actions on the page. TypeScript is used for application development with error-free codes. As an Angular developer, it helps to enhance productivity and eliminate the complex codes to make the application lightweight and faster.

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This will also help you to become familiar with the backend development using Node.js and MongoDB. The documentation is well-managed and explains everything required to take your Angular development skills to the next level. Also, some tutorials are provided within the documentation to learn by practice and get a good head start working with the Angular code. This tutorial or video playlist available on YouTube will help you how long does it take to learn angular efficiently. 19 videos will guide you through the basic concepts of Angular, and also you will be creating a web app with the help of Firebase and Reactive programming.

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Also, you need to enable CRUD operations in your app to deal with the blog data, such as adding or modifying blog content. While creating a chat app, you need to use concepts like services, dependency injection, RxJS, observables, and more. Your chat app should allow two users to connect and send messages in real-time. Also, create a server that will establish a connection between users and deliver messages. This is one of the simplest Angular projects that are quite popular among beginners.

Angular – The Complete Guide (

The biggest advantage of having a certification highlighted on your resume is that it will help you stand out from the crowd. Consequently, your chances of making it to the interview round will increase many times. So, if you are ready to get certification in Angular, all you need to do is explore some of the best Angular certifications on the web and enroll yourself with the one that seems the best. You can build an admin dashboard for an online store that sells some sort of product. So, the information that you need to track and display within the admin panel would be the number of visitors, products sold, sources of traffic, total revenue generated, etc. Also, you can use bar charts, pie charts, etc., to display the data in a meaningful way.

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Components directives with a template this type of directive is the most common directive type attribute directives. In the following example, changing the text in the input changes the value in the span because Angular immediately updates changes to the template variable ref one. When the user clicks one of the buttons the sizer components, called the corresponding method. In our component, I will define a size value property in a size change event. Use the prefix style followed by the name of the CSS style property, angular sets the property to the value of the bound expression, which is usually a string.


In highlight directive Ts File, Import input from Angular core, add an app highlight input property. To use the highlight directive add a paragraph element to the HTML template with the directive as an attribute. And the last one in today’s video is NGO model, you can use the NGO model directive to display a data property and update that property.

  • Now we can define the call form method and log the past value, which is the actual value of the input.
  • Now, if you analyze the above code visually, then you will end up with something as shown in the below image.
  • Because of this, template statements cannot refer to anything the global namespace, such as window or document.
  • The dependencies are declared in the Module using the Provider’s metadata.

According to Glassdoor, the average salary of Angular developers is $52,522 yearly. According to LinkedIn, there are 100,000+ jobs available for Angular developers worldwide in different companies and locations. The dependencies of the each route could be specified individually instead of by module.

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In the following example, toggle text takes the templates own event object as an argument. So it’s the same thing as if someone is calling you, which is an event and you’re answering that phone call, which is the response and in our example, template statement. As you can see, it’s really easy to create reusable dynamic components. Also, there are a couple other ways to create multi slot content projection. In our route component, I will create a stream title request selector, and I will type this question text. Add one more Angie content add, we can make our component to be like a question and answer card.

  • However, this tutorial is good if you want to learn Angular’s basics and create a basic application to see the concepts in action.
  • Create a property in the component class name profile form, and set the property to a new form group instance.
  • With the Javascript framework, developers can build native, web, or mobile applications for different platforms.
  • On his YouTube page, Asim Hussain, leader of Regional Cloud Advocacy at Microsoft for EMEA, rolls out a series of tutorial videos on Angular specially made for beginners.
  • Every component has an HTML template that declares how that component renders.


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